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Building Modern Microservices in .NET

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Software Engineering

TDD Essentials - Coming soon

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What past workshop attendees have to say.


Minna Yao

Engineering Manager, CashApp

I attended the domain driven design workshop from Stack Mechanics a couple of years ago. The workshop had excellent content combined with practical, hands-on exercises built on your technical expertise. I learned key principles of DDD that I was able to apply immediately after the workshop.


Patrick Freeman

Cloud Team Lead, Ellume Health

Awesome content that was instantly applicable to the projects I was working on. I will continue to use the principles and patterns taught in this course for many projects in the future.


Chris Briggs

Development Lead, Lup Events

Without a doubt, Stack Mechanics is one of the single greatest pieces of technical training I have experienced. Since undertaking it, I have amazed how many times the concepts taught have aided me in a wide range of situations.