Building and operating Modern ASP.NET Applications

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The modern ASP.NET stack is an incredibly performant, flexible, and productive platform to build web applications and services. The ecosystem of libraries and tools brings a lot of functionality within easy reach, and the cross platform runtime allows for modern and cost effective hosting and deployment patterns.

This one day course covers principles, patterns, and techniques learned from years of building and supporting web applications on the Microsoft platform.

Topics include

  • Architectural patterns and pragmatic advice on building clean and modular code for maintainability
  • Instrumentation, logging, and tracing to build Observability in from the beginning, leading to more supportable production systems
  • Handling long running background tasks
  • Docker containers beyond just building. How to configure, deploy, and run your applications
  • Front end architectures and how to incorporate client side applications
  • Modern authentication techniques

In addition, all workshop participants will receive access to the Stack Mechanics Alumni Community, an online discussion community. The community allows members to stay in touch with other participants, discuss architecture trends, and have a sounding board for ideas.

How to book training

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We are not offering public training courses at this time, but if you'd like to get in touch we will email out when a public course is coming to your city.